G Switch 3
Running Game with Gravity
G Switch 3 is a 2D runner game with gravity manipulation from Serius Games. Run and switch gravity at lightning-speed through twisted levels that will challenge your timing and reflexes.

G Switch is one of the most addictive endless runner games in years. The first game in the G Switch series saw you having to run along the level, but instead of jumping, you flip the gravity! You can run on the floor or the ceiling, but you have to watch for obstacles and of course that you do not fall or fly off the track. It is the kind of game where you always have to be looking three or four steps in front of you. It is fun in single player, but even more so in multiplayer.

Things got kicked up a notch in the newest G Switch game, G Switch 3. This one took what was good about the original and added way more content. The levels are much harder and feature more tricky puzzles to avoid. Some sections will even require you to control two characters at once! While it is challenging it is also a lot more fun and you get a real rush each time you manage to make it that little bit further than you did before. Like the past G Switch game, you can play this on your own and see how far you can get. Or you can challenge up to five other players.

A huge part of what makes the G Switch series so much fun is how it is the kind of game that is very easy to pick up and play. However, there is a lot of skill involved and before long you really have to think before you press that button! G Switch is also one of those games that you start you play with the intent of playing for just five minutes and then before you know it your whole lunch break is over!